This Moe Thee Hospital is organized by a group of prominent medical specialists in various disciplines, medical technologists and business entrepreneurs of Myanmar, with a view to develop a quality health care system in private sectors.

Moe Thee Hospital is a free standing Multidisciplinary Specialist Center. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive cost effective health care delivery system. For the convenience of our patients, a wide range of services are made easily accessible within the complex, making this a one stop Hospital.

Our team of dedicated doctors and caring medical personnel at Moe Thee Hospital, are committed to offering professional medical expertise and excellent customer service and support to all our clients in our comfortable and pleasant setting.

All our rates and packages are open to the public, as well as corporate clients. Companies enjoy further discounts if they are screening employees in large amounts, or during any events.We firmly believe that early detection and awareness can help to ratify the condition, and more importantly, that early treatment can save a person life.

Moe Thee Hospital is located on the main Yamonnar Road with,
10 minute's drive from downtown Yangon. Address: No. (238, 239),
Zayar Thri Yat kwet, Yamonar Road, Dawbon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Customer Service :
+951-9559012, 9559594, +959-443023893
Inpatient Department :
Medical check-up Department :
+959682966050, +959895925122


General Inquire :
Medical Check-up Inquire :

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Getting it right the first time.

Quality Health Care Service to all patients and customers

Issue Medical Fitness Certificate on-time

Reliable Medical Investigation procedure

Safeguarding patient privacy

Efficient treatment service with Modern Technology

Appreciating customer satisfaction